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Deep Thoughts By Soren Diehl

28 September 1971
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I'm 35 years old, and I'm only just beginning to understand my own power as an adult. I've been involved in computers and technology since I was in fifth grader and I have always made my living off of working with computers, networks and software and the places where businesses have to interact with those things.

I have a significant creative life as a sculptor, animator, earth works artist and writer. Through my art, I intend to shift reality and ultimately redefine the nature of the universe in such a way as to accommodate all my dreams and aspirations. I feel like the lessons I've learned while creating specific challenging works of art have provided me with the insight to create substantial change in all areas of my life.

This journal is friends only because I need to feel comfortable that I can be honest and open in my words. I love comments, but I also don't mind just talking to myself, especially since I tend to loop around the same concepts trying to understand them better. If you want to be on my friends list, just chat let any of the others on my list know and they'll introduce you.